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Vision & Mission

*AAP Youth Wing*

Aam Aadmi Party represents certain ideals that the youth of India has cherished for decades – Patriotism, Community Service and Decentralization of Democracy. Since its inception, AAP has been supported by youth and now the leadership of the party has decided that this groundswell of support should be channelized into a frontal organization, Aam Aadmi Party Youth Wing or AYW.


The primary focus of AYW is to be the medium between Aam Aadmi Party and the youth, and while doing so, empower youth to become active participants in the political process at all levels.


1. To inform, educate and train the youth of India about AAP and its


2. To involve youth in the effective implementation of AAP’s policies,programmes and manifesto.

3. To raise issues affecting the youth and make such issues part of

AAP’s agenda.

4. To be the bench-strength of AAP in every street, mohalla and

village, and compliment the activities of the main party organization.

5. To carry out activities that inculcate patriotism, nation-building

and community service in the youth.

6. To find and nurture future political leaders of India.


Membership Eligibility:

Youth from the age of 18 years to thirty-five years are eligible to

join. However, if you are a university student, join our student wing.

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